Here we got drone quadcopter for beginner and professional. For Indoor playing may choose drone mini, drone balldrone ball toy, drone hoverboard. drone for beginners drone may choose drone 998 pro 4k.drone with camera for adults   f11 drone, drone light show.For Selfie, drone 4k camera,  drone with camera 4k, drone 998 pro 4k are good choice.drone 998 pro 4k, f11 drone, drone ball is for different posistion. Zigotech may offer different solution, for kids or adult, cheap or expert solution.drone ball is safe for kid playing.  drone ball cheap price, support OEM. f11 drone, drone 998 pro 4k is more professional drone, with GPS.  People bought f11 drone for aerial. f11 drone can fly 2KM, and flight time longer.