projex game shooting laser tag guns 2 Modes for outdoor in door playing

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Projex shooting game with dual mode. Switch for laser tag guns for battle ang projex game. Play it  can enjoy it solo or team up battle. Projex shooting game bring in a different game experience. Good to play both Indoor and Outdoor for kids and family.

Projex shooting game Safety without bullets, multiplayer battles, realistic sound effects, projection shooting, and 5 kinds of weapons. 

Shooting projector on wall to cast UFO, Dinosaur, Duck target, aim for the target, shooting and get scores. There are 50 patterns per projex shooting game.

Outdoor games laser tag guns,you don’t need a Projector,  just use laser tag guns to start a battle. 

Safe and bullet-free long-range shock shooting

No need for bullets, safety and environmental protection, life/ammo values are displayed, and the battle distance can reach 40 meters

No visible infrared light does not harm the eyes

Projex Game Measure:

Gun Size:41.5*5*19.2;Projector Size: 15*12*18;Package Size:46*14.5*22

Gun Battery2*3*AA; Projector Battery:4*AA

Carton Size: 60*48*46.5cm; Outer: 8pcs

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projex game instructions
1. Start:
Turn on the power source.The three lights denoting “life value”are on one by one following the countdown voice.
2.Team selection:
Press on the button of“Team Switch”for a short time to receive the voiceprompt of“Blue Team”,“Red Team”, "Green Team”and"White Team”. Theteam indicator light on laser tag guns will take on the corresponding color. You can chooseeither of the four teams.Only two different teams can fight with each other.
3. Weapon selection:
Press on“Gun Type Switch” , and you will have four optional weapon modes from laser tag guns, including“Single Shot"”,“Shot Gun”,“Machine Gun”and“Rocket Gun”.Different weapons differ in attack and the number of bullets. Every switch ofthe weapon should press on the "cartridge clip”to get loaded with bullets toshoot at the target.
4.Laser tag guns type:
single shot: with 12 bullets, 1 life gone if got shot;shot Gun: with 6 bullets, 2 lives gone if got shot;Machine Gun: with 6 bullets,2 lives gone if got shot;Rocket Gun: with 1 missile,3 lives gone if got shot.5.system reset
When the last 3 life-value left, the system will give a voiceprompt of“low lifevolume” . When the system broadcasts“Game Over" , at the moment, you willlose the combat capability. Every 15 seconds, the system projex shooting game will remind you of“Game Over".restart your gun by power switch to activate your gun.
(NOTICE: shooting distance between guns is no more than 40 meters! )

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